Arris carved rings with pave and castelle diamonds

Arris white and rose gold ring with pavé and castelle diamonds

These new Arris rings in our collection showcase two different styles of setting. On the left is an 18-carat rose gold ring castelle set with white diamonds, to the right is and 18-carat white gold ring pavé set with white diamonds. The two rings are carved by hand to create the undulating, sculptural forms characteristic of our Arris collection. Smooth, brushed-satin waves of 18-carat gold ripple around the finger, each ring is topped with a line of sparkling diamonds along the crest.

When seen close up the differences between the castelle diamond Arris ring and pavé diamond Arris ring can be seen clearly. Castelle or 'castle' setting is named for its distinctive scalloped effect, which looks similar to crenellated castle walls. You can see this in the rose gold ring below. In castelle setting diamonds are set at the edge of a surface and the metal beneath each diamond is cut away, leaving just the prongs which hold each stone in place. Castelle setting is ideal for delicate pieces of jewellery as it requires less metal.

Arris band ring rose gold with castelle white diamonds

Pavé setting, as seen in the ring below, is a technique designed for setting stones across surfaces - pavé is from the French word for paved. Diamonds are set into a surface with beads created at four points to hold the stone in place. A line is engraved around the stones to create a clean, crisp finish. When used on a piece like this the most apparent difference between pavé and castelle is the line of metal that remains on either side of the diamonds. Pavé setting has the advantage of providing more protection to stones but requires more metal than castelle, so cannot be used on such delicate pieces.
Arris band ring white gold with pave white diamonds

The castelle and pavé Arris wave rings are new to our collection and make an ideal dress ring or alternative wedding ring. Each of our Arris rings is unique so we have a continually-evolving selection on display. Come in to see our current pieces or browse online to see more carved rings from our collection and commissions.

Gold Arris rings with castelle and pave diamonds