Hand-carved interlocking pair of diamond and gold rings

Carved fitted white gold and diamond dress ring set

A sculptural and unique pair of rings made from 18 carat gold and set with four round diamonds. The two rings were commissioned by a customer and are designed so that they can be worn together or separately. The bands have been carefully carved and fitted to each other, so that when worn together the rings form an interlocking set.

There are four diamonds set across the two bands; two in each ring. The stones are from a piece of family jewellery and have been reused due to their sentimental significance. Our client asked us to design this new pair of rings with the intention that she will pass one on to each of her daughters in future.

Based on our Arris ring series, the rings were hand-carved in wax and then cast in precious metal. Hand carving allows us to create organic, sculptural forms like these and is a technique we are using more and more. Like all of our hand-carved pieces these unique rings are one-of-a-kind.

Arris carved white gold and diamond interlocking rings

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