New hand carved rings in our collection

Two new rings have just been added to our Carve collection and are on display in the shop. These hand carved rings are designed around an unusual gemstone and carved in wax to create elegant, substantial rings with fluid curves.

Chrysoberyl and mandarin garnet hand carved rings

The first of the two rings is set with a 1.85 carat trillion cut mandarin garnet. The fiery orange colours of the garnet are complemented by a brushed yellow gold setting.




The second ring combines an almost neon green chrysoberyl with steely grey platinum. The 1.77ct chrysoberyl is a beautifully cut marquise gemstone and its bright lime green colour pairs perfectly with platinum.


Brightly polished metal under the gemstones bounces light up into the gemstones and reflects their colour. The outer surfaces of the ring are gently brushed to accentuate the smooth elegant curves.