Paraiba Tourmalines - The feeling of the sea and the stars in one stone

We have talked about our love of Paraiba Tourmalines in the past several times, if you’re an avid reader of our journal posts, you will remember an engagement ring we made to remind the wearer of the ocean and another Paraiba stunningly set in our “Twist” design. However, it’s been a while and we thought we’d remind you of how stunning these natural stones can be. 

As a refresher, Paraiba tourmaline was discovered in the late 1980s and are in fact rarer than diamonds. They take their name from the Brazilian state of Paraiba where they was first found. Paraiba is the only type of tourmaline to contain copper, and it is copper which gives this tourmaline its vivid green and blue colouring. If you would like to know more about the history of Paraiba tourmaline, this fascinating article on tourmaline quality factors from the GIA goes into more detail.

We have had many people approach us to commission pieces featuring Paraiba Tourmalines, be it for engagement rings, dress rings or for pendants or earrings. We love the light that seems to come from inside the stone of Paraiba Tourmalines and we are only too happy to work with this special stone in all its shapes and sizes.

The ocean in a ring

This particular ring, as mentioned at the start of this journal post, was commissioned by a surfer from Hawaii. She asked us to find a gemstone that would remind her “of the colour of the sea”. Our minds immediately went to the Paraiba Tourmaline and its likeness to the Pacific Ocean. We felt that this 0.82ct blue-green stone would fulfil the requirements to a T. The “wave” design was the perfect fit for this request as well and by pairing the stone and the design together, as well as making the ring in steely platinum that is reminiscent of a stormy sea, this ring is all round perfection. The addition of the sparkling white diamonds on the band of the engagement ring and the matching fitted wedding ring elevated this ring to a masterpiece that we are incredibly proud of.

Paraiba Torumaline and Diamond engagement and wedding ring

A galaxy on your hand

The Arris design that is a staple of our collection marries strong lines and bold curves, we simply had to make this stunning Paraiba version of it. This sculptural beauty is hand carved to compliment the 4.19ct stone and to let the stone do all the talking. The five brilliant white diamonds gypsy set into the wide bezel add a sparkle and bring an other worldly like quality to this ring, twinkling like stars in the night sky against a colourful blue-green galaxy.

Paraiba Tourmaline and White Diamond Platinum cocktail ring

A warm blue…?

The twist ring is another one of our collection designs and this light blue pear shaped Paraiba sits beautifully in this ring. Showing that Paraiba Tourmalines are a very versatile stone, this one was made in rose gold and the light blue 0.74ct stone is beautifully matched to the warm pink of the brushed gold. The tapering shape of this design lends itself to the curvaceous pear shape of the stone and lets the differing elements match each other well.

Paraiba Tourmaline pear shape twist rose gold engagement ring

 Another wave of elegance

Ok so we have already shown you a Wave Paraiba Tourmaline ring but this one joins the beautiful shape of the blue-green stone and rose gold together. This 0.98ct cabochon Paraiba is another stone that you could just get lost in. The buffed surface of the cabochon and the sweeping side profile compliment each other so well, this fluid form makes for an eye-catching contemporary ring.

paraiba tourmaline cabochon rose gold engagement ring


Good things in small packages

 A smaller version of our Arris design but still packing a huge punch, this 0.79ct was a favourite of ours - it has since been bought and is now proudly sitting on our customers hand! This round, faceted tourmaline has some beautiful colours radiating from within, the light blues and earthy greens pair beautifully with the rose gold Arris and the sweeping curves and brushed finish of the metal make for a striking and dramatic ring. We would be only too happy to make another one of these…

paraiba tourmaline arris ring multiimage 

The perfect pairing

 It’s not all about rings around here! Although we do specialise in rings and they are our most popular item of jewellery in both our London and Dublin Ateliers, we love creating sophisticated and stylish statement pendants and earrings. In a style reminiscent of our aforementioned twist ring, our twist pendants and earrings are a very popular choice for wedding jewellery. Simple but bold, this rose gold and pear shaped Paraiba twist pendant would make a wonderful addition to any wedding outfit, bride or guest! Although the earrings also pictured are platinum, they would make a perfect pair to the pendant, if you like to mix metals together. We can also make both the pendant and earrings in matching metals, if you would prefer, just let us know what your ideal match would be!

Paraiba tourmaline twist pendant

Paraiba tourmaline twist earrings in platinum

A must have for every jewellery lover

A different design to the previous entries in this list, a 4 claw style pendant is a classic and stylish piece that everyone should have in their jewellery box. This delicate pendant can be worn to dress up a simple black dress or elevate a more every day, casual look. This particular pendant was made as a matching piece for an engagement ring for one of our lovely customers, but if you would like one of our own, please get in touch. We can make this pendant in white, yellow or rose gold or platinum.

 Four claw paraiba tourmaline pendant rose gold

The piece de resistance

Finally on our list of wonderful Paraiba Tourmaline pieces are these astonishing drop earrings. Hand forged from 18ct gold bar, the shapes created in the metal mimic the pear shaped tourmalines, as well as the natural curves of the jaw line. They are the epitome of the phrase “show stopper” and definitely make a statement for sure. They are available to buy on our website here or to view in our London Atelier. If you would like to come in and see these impressive earrings in person, make sure you do so soon, they are sure to be snapped up!

hand forged paraiba tourmaline rose gold earrings

Now, we believe that you must be as intimately knowledgable of Paraiba tourmalines as we are, however if there was anything else you would like to know about these amazing stones, we are more than happy to discuss any questions you may have. We have more pieces to view in our London Atelier than what is on this list, we just selected a taster for you so make sure to stop by our Exmouth Market store and take a look at these stones for yourself.