The Arris Signet Ring

Worn by both men and women, signet rings derive from a tradition that can be traced back to ancient Egypt. The wearing of signet rings, from the Latin word “signum” meaning to “sign”, originated amongst Pharaohs and dignitaries and were used to authenticate documents. As they were a way to attest to the authority of the wearer, the rings were engraved with a symbol or sigil to identify the owner and were used by pressing the engraved face of the ring into hot wax, thus causing a relief in the wax and proving the origin of the document. 

Modern Arris Signet Ring in 18 carat yellow gold multi image

Although signet rings have never truly gone out of fashion, they definitely have had a modern revival in recent years. At McCaul’s we have adapted the traditional signet ring to suit a modern, minimalist aesthetic. In keeping with our Arris designs that feature strong lines and subtle twists on the band, this signet ring is truly special. Although this particular ring does not feature a symbol or sigil, it definitely makes a statement and we hope Pierre, who commissioned this ring, adores it as much as we do. 

Modern Arris Signet ring in 18 carat yellow gold side profile

We love to create bespoke Signet rings, some of which may complement their own or a partner’s wedding band or which may contain thoughtful hidden engravings and special meanings for the wearer. As suc, signet rings make such a thoughtful present to form a treasured family heirloom to be handed down through the generations.



 If you are interested in commissioning a bespoke signet ring, visit our bespoke page to learn about the process or get in touch for a chat.