The Zeta Ring

Our Arris rings are definitely our signature style. The satin matte finish applied to the 18ct gold or platinum of each ring compliments the soft curves and the peaked edges and facets that are lovingly hand carved in the original wax. The bezel setting of each stone is planned with so much detail and intricacy, it’s not hard to see why this design is our most popular, and the design that we are most well known for.

Ruby and white diamond zeta ring in 18ct yellow gold multiimage

We wanted to create a version of this ring that would sweep across the finger and give a feeling of movement that would feature two stones entwined in the metal, rather than our original design that comes to a crescendo of a singular stone. From this idea, the Zeta ring was created. With one stone slightly larger than the other, it mimics the asymmetrical lines of the original Arris, while still balancing on the finger and creating that feeling of movement we mentioned.

Ruby and white diamond zeta ring in platinum on hand

The side view of this ring is a sight to behold as well. By leaving the bezel setting open on each side, a channel under the stone that continues down the ring shank is created, giving a window to see the sides of both stones and creating a wonderful light and extra glimpses of colour.


Although the pictures and video above feature a ruby and white diamond in 18ct rose gold and platinum, we have also made this ring in the past with a green sapphire and white diamond in platinum, also with slightly different proportions. With the setting of the sapphire being larger than the ruby version, this variation shows how versatile this ring can be. What combination of stones and metal would you like to see in this ring?

Green sapphire and white diamond zeta ring in platinum

If you would like to discuss a combination of stones and metal you would like to have in your own Zeta ring, or if you would like to discuss another bespoke commission, get in touch and we can book an appointment to have chat.